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FishNY is recognized as New York’s best fishing website. Once dubbed as “the clearing house for fishing content throughout the state” by the Times Union in Albany, NY, the site offers hundreds of articles covering every fishing method applied to NY’s plentiful waterways and wide variety of fish species.

Salmon River Morning Fishing in Fog Pulaski, NY

History Of

Originally launched in 1999, and re-launched in 2022 is the most informative best fishing website dedicated to fishing in New York State. The explosive growth of online usage and the lack of a single-focus all-inclusive sportfishing websites motivates us to bring New York States anglers the best fishing website available today.

Over the years, we have visited fishing websites, fishing blogs, and outdoor news websites from around the world. This research has enabled us to identify site features that differentiate from other fishing websites and make our website a great resource for beginners and advanced anglers alike.

Sunset Best Fishing Website in NY

In the coming months and years, we will continue our efforts to bring New York State anglers the most innovative features and fishing information available on the web.

Our content is written in an outdoorsmen’s voice to provide valuable tips for both advanced anglers and those learning to fish. The website includes articles a collections of the best resources available.

The Sportfishing Industry Is Fragmented

The sportfishing industry is fragmented due to its many sub-categories – including saltwater (offshore, inshore), freshwater (lake, stream, river), fly fishing, bass fishing (largemouth, smallmouth, striped), walleye, salmon, steelhead, catfish, and all the other targeted species that require special fishing gear, tackle, and equipment.  

At we work tirelessly to bring New York’s fishermen a single comprehensive fishing website organized by species and providing fishing tips and and advice about the best fishing tackle and actionable tips you can use on next fishing trip in NY. When possible, our content provides feedback about high quality products including – lures, bait, tactics, rods and reels, and a wide selection of fishing equipment.

New York – The Best Fishing in the USA

New York has an astonishing wealth of land and water resources, featuring hundreds of miles of coastline, with estuaries and ocean beaches providing excellent shore casting opportunities. New York also boasts 70,000 miles of rivers and streams, 4,000 lakes and ponds and 2.4 million acres of wetlands. 

From Montauk to Lake Erie, freshwater to saltwater, no other state can match the fishing diversity of New York. Such diversity includes catching a muskie on the St. Lawrence River, hooking king salmon in Lake Ontario, fishing for trout in the Adirondacks, fly fishing in the famous Delaware River, chasing stripers on the Hudson, trolling for lake trout in Lake George, catching giant bass in Lake Champlain, and fishing for walleyes in Lake Erie to just name a few! 

As New York continues to grow as the premiere fishing destination in the USA, will continue to provide fisherman incredible content written by expert fisherman with decades experience fishing New York’s beautiful waters.

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