Sodus Bay

Sodus Bay is a bay on the south shore of Lake Ontario located in Wayne County, New York. It is one of the Great Lakes’ major embayments, separated from the lake by a 7,500-foot-long barrier beach. It covers an area of over 3,300 acres and offers great fishing opportunities for anglers.

The towns of Huron and Sodus are located around the bay, providing visitors with access to nearby attractions. Along the shoreline of the bay, you can find sandy beaches, picnic areas, and marinas. For fishing enthusiasts, the bay offers a variety of game fish including perch, bass, bullhead, northern pike, lake trout, and walleye. Anglers will also find plenty of shore fishing opportunities in the towns around the bay.

Sodus Bay offers a great way to enjoy a day on the water and take advantage of the beautiful scenery. With its diverse array of fish species and pleasant atmosphere, it is an ideal spot for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re looking to cast a line or explore the area, Sodus Bay is the perfect destination for anyone visiting Wayne County, New York.