How to Tie the Estaz Egg Sack Fly Pattern

a close up of an estaz egg sack fly

Materials for Tying Estaz Egg Sack

  1. HOOK –Mustad 37132 or equivalent hook size 10/8/6/4 
  2. THREAD – Monofil 004
  3. WEIGHTED  – Tungsten or gold/black bead head
  4. BODY – Estaz
  5. EGG SACK – Dyed pearl diamond braid

Tying Instructions

  1. Wrap mono thread around the hook (to the rear of the hook).
  2. Tie in Estaz, make one wrap and then let it hang.
  3. Tie in the Diamond Braid on the top of the hook.
  4. Make a small loop with the Diamond Braid, then secure it with one wrap of the mono.
  5. Repeat step 4 three or four times.  (Do not make the loops too big and keep them close together. Remember, you’re imitating an egg sack. It is important to stagger the loops. One on top, one to the left, one to the right and so on.)
  6. Tie off the last loop and secure.
  7. Take the Estaz you left hanging and come under the egg loops and make two or three wraps in front of the egg loops toward the eye. (Remember not to crowd the eye.)
  8. Tie off and secure.

Note: If you want to weight this fly you can use a tungsten or lead bead head 

About the Estaz Egg Fly

Material Choice

For tying the Estaz Egg pattern I use the Diamond Braid, which comes in pink, salmon, and chartreuse. I’m sure they have other colors available but, these are the colors I have seen at my local fly shop and have used while tying fly fishing estaz egg flies.

Try different color combinations like pink Estaz and chartreuse Diamond Braid until you find the color combination that works best for you.  I know I have said this before but, experiment with different color combinations and then pick the ones that produce more fish. 

Target Species

Like the original Estaz Egg, this one works for browns, steelhead, salmon and trout. Whether this is your first time fly tying, or you’ve been a fly fisherman for over a decade, this fly should have you catching fish in no time flat.

Estaz Egg Technique

Perfecting your Drift

 Fish it the same as the Estaz Egg.  Get your weight right so the egg is rolling along or just off the bottom.  The most important key to using egg patterns effectively when fly fishing is a Drag Free Drift.  Your line should follow the current or flow of the water.  Add or remove weight on your leader to achieve a Drag Free Drift

Once you get the drift right, any time your line hesitates, stops or moves differently, set the hook.

Don’t Hesitate

While fly fishing, the slightest hesitation of your line on the water could be a strike from that trophy fish you have been searching for.  Remember, get the Egg down and rolling along the bottom with a drag free drift.  Once you get the hang of it you will increase your fish catching average by…well I better not estimate that one.

The Right Tool for the Job

This variation to the original Estaz Egg just might attract fish not eager to take the Estaz egg he has seen pass him by 1000 times before. It gives him something different to look at.

If you’re new to tying flies for fishing, the Estaz egg is one of the best flies for a fly tying novice. It’s a very simple fly to tie after you get the hang of making the loops and tying them off. So, add some to your egg box and when the Estaz Egg isn’t producing, tie on one of these and give it a try. Who knows, it might just be the one that catches fish. Trust me, once you start tying your own flies, you’ll never go back.

Original Article By Brad Berlin

About the Author

Brad Berlin has been tying flies and fly fishing the streams of northeast and central Pennsylvania for over 20 years. He guides on area streams and the Susquehanna River. Brad teaches classes in fly tying and casting and currently serves as president of the Columbia County Chapter. of Trout Unlimited.  He enjoys fishing the tributaries of Lake Ontario with Troy Creasy in autumn.    

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