Take a Kid Fishing: Enjoy The Adirondack Experience

Take a Kid Fishing after a Tough Lesson

My dad rushed around the backstop to pick up the baseball gear as a light rain began to fall. The season had just ended for my first year of organized baseball.  At six years old I was just beginning to learn a few lessons that would help me in the future. 

As the tears slowly dripped from my eyes and rolled down my cheeks, my father gently placed his hand between my shoulders and guided me to the outfield fence of the senior league field, which was located behind the backstop we had just left behind. 

I listened closely when he told me that no matter how hard you play there is always going to be a winner and a loser. A loser doesn’t define who you are as long as you give your best effort. He explained to me how many people deal with defeat in different ways to ease the pain and occupy their mind with better thoughts. 

Hudson River Fishing Spots Soothe the Soul

Someone decided to take a kid fishing: a young girl enjoys the solitude on the shoreline while taking a cast.
When you take a kid fishing, you help children learn to enjoy the peace and quiet.

During the brief conversation, the drizzle tapered off and tears stopped flowing from my eyes, which allowed me to see a stunning rainbow take form in the sky above the field. Looking at it my father whispered, “Why don’t we go trout fishing on the Hudson River tomorrow?”

I couldn’t help but smile. I loved trout fishing, and shortly after he asked me to go, I had all but forgotten the devastating loss I had experienced a few minutes earlier. That’s the power at play when you decide to take a kid fishing. 

Kid Fishing Gear

The next morning my backpack was full of all the basic kid fishing gear – items I would need for our hike into the Hudson River to fish for trout. Along our way we would fish some fishing spots in small streams and ponds found beside the road. If things went well, we would return home shortly before sundown. 

For any fisherman, but especially when you take a kid fishing, it is important to wear clothing suitable to weather conditions, and to bring along the essential kid fishing gear. You’ll never regret having a collapsable fishing pole, extra fishing line, first aid kit, and bug spray. And don’t forget about lunch time!

Adventure Along the Way

When we started down the trail, we could have heard a pin drop in the stillness of the morning. My boots sloshed through the mud and the bottom of my pant legs quickly become covered with wet, brown, and slimy gook.  

Within a few minutes the trail broke out of a thick marsh and ran parallel to a beautiful pond.  A pair of loons glided across the calm water until one of them quickly dove underwater in search of a meal. My dad patted me on the head and said, “Hey buddy, fishing up here can really help you appreciate nature.” I nodded and smiled before we continued along the path.

About 40 minutes later we stopped on top of a steep hill to listen to the sound of the river rambling through the gorge below us. Although it wasn’t visible, I could easily hear its fury.

Secret Hudson River Fishing Spots

Instead of continuing on the trail, we cut off to the right and followed a small stream down the hill. When we came to a big hole below a waterfall, my father took a collapsible pole out of my knapsack and extended it before baiting the hook with a small worm. 

Young boy posing with fish in the Adirondacks
The author with his fish taken on the day featured in this story.

A few minutes later I had two 8-inch brook trout in my creel. Most people probably walked past the hidden stream, but my dad knew where to find the fishing spots with all of the fish in the mountain streams, and I was glad he was letting me in on some of the secrets. Not only did he take a kid fishing, he opened up an entirely new world for me. 

When we reached the river, I stood on the rocks along the shore and let the gushing water mesmerize me.  The longer I stared, the more I was drawn to the beauty. I cast my line into a setback behind a huge boulder and began reeling it in. I felt a tug, so I jerked the pole and set the hook. A big brown trout rolled in the pool in front of me and fought with all its might. After a short battle I landed him on shore and posed for pictures.

Time is Fleeting

The rest of the day passed quickly and before I knew it we were walking back to the car. Although I should have been exhausted, the high I got from the adrenaline rush kept me going. 

Five minutes into our trip home, my head bobbed a few times and I was out like a light, but that day has was filled with memorable moments that have stayed with me for the last 40 years. If you introduce your children to the many things the Adirondack region has to offer, you never know what influence it could have on them. But to take a kid fishing is to create memories that last a life time. 

A Life Long Appreciation

Fishing in many different bodies of water in the big woods has given me an opportunity to see some unbelievable scenery over the years. I’ve seen beavers slowly glide across placid ponds before smashing their tails on the surface and disappearing into the depths of the water. I’ve heard howls from coyotes echo across valleys as I’ve cast one last line before heading back to the truck as the sun disappears behind the mountains. I’ve seen ducks teach their little ones how to find food and I’ve even seen a few ospreys snatch fish off the surface of ponds. 

I go to these remote spots when I need a quiet mind and to let the everyday problems of the world escape me. I can relive the many adventures of my childhood while introducing it to others.

Adirondack Adventure for Future Generations

Father and son enjoying fishing in the Adirondacks
Dave Wiliams and his son Nathan experience a great moment together.

Throughout life there are many teaching moments we encounter. When my father was faced with one of these moments, he introduced me to something I could take with me forever. The Adirondack region is covered with mountain lakes, ponds and streams. If you can, take a kid fishing this summer, you should. Watch their faces light up from the excitement of everything they experience. Getting kids outdoors, and spending time out in the Adirondack park for some (hopefully stress free) adventure, is a great way for kids and grownups alike to spend time.

Original Article By Todd Mead

About The Author

Todd Mead is a life-long Adirondack deer hunter and author of two books – A Lifetime of Big Woods Memories and Backcountry Bucks.  He is a competitive archer and former columnist for “Outdoors Magazine.”  He has been a columnist for ”The Outdoors Gazette” and a member of the NYS Outdoor Writers’ Association. He is a big believer in the gift you give, when you take a kid fishing. Check out more from Todd at toddmead.com.

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