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Rob Streeter is an award winning outdoor writer. His fly fishing articles articles have appeared in national publications including American Angler and Outdoor Life. He also was the outdoor columnist for two Upstate, New York newspapers (Albany Times Union and Amsterdam Recorder) for many years. Rob’s photography illustrated many of these articles.

Rob is a lifelong fly fisherman since he started fishing with his first fly rod at age 7. He has fished for saltwater species in Florida, and has fished as far north as Alaska. He has fished extensively throughout the Northeast. Rob has also tied flies for the same amount of time and has created fly patterns for trout and warmwater species.

Rob is the author of three fly fishing books including, “The New York Fly-Fishing Guide (Amato Publications), “Warmwater Fly Fishing- Finding and Catching Warmwater Species), and his new book, “The Greats of Adirondack Fly Fishing.” Rob’s new book explores the lives of six anglers who shaped fly fishing in New York’s Adirondack Mountains, including the fly patterns that they developed. The book brings forth tales that need to be told about the way that fly fishing was in the Adirondacks as we strive to return angling to its former glory there.

Rob is a lifelong bowhunter and has hunted in a number of states. His bowhunting articles have appeard in Outdoor Life and Bowhunter magazine. Rob has also produced two fly fishing DVDs including “Tying. And Fishing for Smallmouth Bass,” and “Tying and Fishing for Panfish.”

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